Marvi Inoue Shibuya, Halawa Heights

"Representative Sam Kong is the BEST!  He is truly and undoubtedly a 'people person' who has helped and resolved several community questions and issues in my neighborhood.  When no one else likes taking actions or responsibility, Sam has gone above and beyond to help make things right/correct in our community for the people.  Thank you so much Sam and you definitely have my lifetime vote!"

Teri Watanabe, Aiea Heights

"Sam is a dedicated public servant that works hard and leads by example."

Bryan Terauchi, Newtown

"Sam Kong, as I have observed up close, represents a handful of enviable habits.  Ones that I have observed are honesty, humbleness, sincerity, patience, tireless worker, and a great sense of trustworthyness.  I have absolutely no doubts in Sam Kong."

Dexter Aoki, Newtown

"I'm voting for Sam because he cares about the Aiea community and shows it with his commitment to community service with the Lions Club.  Sam has real life wisdom in contrast to the many local ideologues that would rather adopt the ruinous policies of their mainland counterparts."

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